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James W. Gordon ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von DC Comics veröffentlicht werden, am häufigsten in Verbindung mit dem Superhelden Batman. Commissioner James Gordon ist einer von Batmans Verbündeten. Biographie Jim Gordon wurde, genau. 17 - 18 Jahre später, James Gordon ist mittlerweile Seargent, wird er von Bruce, der eine Ski-Maske trägt, in seinem Büro aufgesucht, um von ihm Informationen. Commissioner Gordon steht für: Commissioner Gordon, Figur aus dem Batman-​Universum, siehe Figuren aus dem DC-Universum #Commissioner Gordon. James Gordon ist der Name folgender Personen: James Gordon (Gärtner) (​–), britischer Gartengestalter; James Gordon (Politiker, ) (–).

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Commissioner Gordon steht für: Commissioner Gordon, Figur aus dem Batman-​Universum, siehe Figuren aus dem DC-Universum #Commissioner Gordon. »Es tut mir so leid, Commissioner Gordon«, sagte Supergirl und sah verlegen auf ihre knöchelhohen roten Turnschuhe. Wortlos stand er auf, starrte aber nicht. Triff Commissioner Gordon. Jim Gordon hat sein ganzes Leben den Bewohnern von Gotham City gewidmet. Er begann als einfacher Polizist und arbeitete sich.

Start your free trial today Batman: The Adventures Continue is exactly what it sounds like: a For eight decades, the Joker and his iconic grin has been an important part James Gordon on Gotham.

Commissioner James Gordon. Character Facts First Appearance. Police Commissioner. Related Characters: Batman.

Alfred Pennyworth. Lucius Fox. Harvey Bullock. Harley Quinn. Ra's al Ghul. Poison Ivy. Mister Freeze. Killer Croc. Loeb fraudulently orders a bomb dropped on it, forcing Batman into the fortified basement.

Branden manages to climb out of the trap through a collapsed chimney, and joins in the gun battle. Enraged as the team's careless gunfire injures several people outside, Batman beats the team into submission, but is wounded during the fighting.

Using a signal device to attract the bats out of his cave to distract the police and conceal himself, Batman escapes amid the chaos.

Selina Kyle, after witnessing him in action, dons a costume of her own to begin the life as Catwoman.

Gordon has a brief affair with Essen, while Batman intimidates a drug dealer for information. The dealer goes to Gordon to testify against Flass, who is brought up on charges.

Loeb blackmails Gordon with proof of his affair against pressing charges. After taking Barbara with him to investigate Wayne's connection to Batman, Gordon confesses the affair to her.

Bruce avoids Gordon's suspicions by appearing with a woman and heavily drinking, though he is actually faking all of it.

Batman sneaks into Falcone's manor and overhears a plan against Gordon but is interrupted when Catwoman, hoping to build a reputation of her own after her robberies were pinned on Batman, attacks Falcone and his bodyguards.

She is aided by Batman. Identifying Falcone's plan as the morning comes, the un-costumed Bruce leaves to help Gordon.

Gordon tries to rebuild his relationship with his family after Essen leaves Gotham. While leaving home, Gordon spots a motorcyclist enter his garage.

Suspicious, Gordon enters to see Falcone's nephew Johnny Vitti and his thugs holding his family hostage.

Gordon realizes if he lets them go, they will most likely kill his wife and son. Bruce Wayne, on a motorcycle, also rushes to chase Vitti.

Gordon blows out Vitti's car tire on a bridge and the two fight, with Gordon losing his glasses, before Vitti and James Gordon Jr.

Bruce leaps over the railing and saves the baby. Gordon realizes that he is standing before an unmasked Batman, but says that he is "practically blind without [his] glasses" and lets Bruce go.

Gordon and his wife start attending marriage counseling. Loeb is forced into early retirement and that means he is arrested and on trial.

Falcone is in the hospital and will be heading to prison as soon as he heals, while Flass makes a deal with prosecutors to testify against him.

Gordon, meanwhile, is promoted to captain. When a criminal who "calls himself the Joker" threatens to poison the city's reservoir, Gordon summons Batman with the Bat-Signal and waits on a rooftop for the Dark Knight to arrive.

During the One Year Later storyline, Gordon makes a reference to his ex-wife "doing well". Batman After his introduction in Batman: Year One , the character appeared almost exclusively in comics set during the Year One era, and went virtually unmentioned in present day.

He is institutionalized as a teenager after he disfigures a school bus driver who insulted him.

After he is released years later, he commits a series of brutal murders, while trying to frame the Joker for his crimes.

After nearly killing his mother, and capturing his step-sister, James Jr. In The New 52 , James Jr. He escapes from Arkham, and begins stalking his sister, whom he views as a rival for his father's affection.

The series reveals that he deliberately caused the divorce of his parents: he killed a cat his mother had bought for Barbara and then threatened to kill his sister if she did not leave the family and threatened to kill Barbara if she tried to contact them ever again.

A different version of James Gordon Jr. She first appeared fully in Batman: Year One as a co-worker with whom Gordon has an extra-marital affair.

After realizing they could not be together, she transferred out of state. Years after his divorce, Sarah returns to Gotham, and the two renew their relationship.

Following the events of Flashpoint , The New 52 retcons the timeline, Sarah's marriage to Gordon never happened, and Barbara Eileen Kean is the only woman James Gordon ever married, even after the DC Rebirth event restores the timeline close to prior to Flashpoint.

Sarah's status in this new continuity is unknown. James Gordon appears in the limited series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns , which presents a future where a retiring Gordon not only knows Batman's identity, but is good friends with Bruce Wayne.

Now retired, he has written a book about Batman, who is believed to be dead. He made a full appearance on issue 6, as a police captain, having a conversation with his ex-partner, Sarah Essen, about Batman.

He's still married to Barbara Kean, who is now an alcoholic , and has a son, James Jr. Just as other continuities, his daughter, Barbara, who is 15, becomes Batgirl.

Frank Miller has commented that the series is set in his Dark Knight Universe, which includes all of the Batman works by Frank Miller, therefore Barbara's inclusion confirms that Gordon had two children during Batman: Year One , at least in Miller's version of the continuity.

At the end of the series, it's implied that, despite being married to Barbara Kean, he's still in love with Sarah.

Boss Gordon is the city's leading crime boss until his empire is toppled by Batman and commissioner Thomas Wayne. In a world where Superman was never found by the Kents, reference is made to Gordon having been murdered shortly before the events of the story, resulting in Gotham's police department being granted extra powers of authority in his absence, although these are never fully explained.

In the Elseworlds title Batman: Gotham Noir , Jim Gordon is an alcoholic hard-boiled private detective who had left the police force following a failure to solve the disappearance of a judge.

He is Selina Kyle 's former lover and Bruce Wayne's wartime partner. Batman comes to Gordon in order to find the identity of the man who killed his parents , but Gordon rebukes him.

Later on, he changes his mind and starts investigating, but he is then interrupted and killed by Sinestro , who ruptures his heart.

Dracula captures him, but he defies the vampire even as he is bled from a cut on his neck, with Batman arriving in time to save Gordon from bleeding to death before confronting Dracula, the Dark Knight now a vampire himself thanks to the aid of renegade vampires opposing Dracula.

In the sequel Batman: Bloodstorm , as Batman acts alone while struggling to resist his thirst for blood, Gordon and Alfred collaborate to form a team to eliminate a new family of vampires in daylight while they sleep, but even after the other vampires have been destroyed, Gordon and Alfred are forced to stake Batman after he succumbs to his thirst and drains the Joker 's blood.

The third part of the trilogy— Batman: Crimson Mist — sees Gordon and Alfred forced to work with Two-Face and Killer Croc to stop the vampire Batman, returned from the staking and having already targeted and killed Penguin , Riddler , Scarecrow and Poison Ivy , Gordon grimly stating that, even if he is only killing criminals, the man they knew would never have killed.

The story concludes with Gordon being crushed by debris from the Batcave roof after explosives are planted to destroy it, thus exposing Batman to the sunlight and ending his reign of terror.

A flesh-hungry beast, Zombie Gordon is kept in line by Bat-Soldier, via a large chain. In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, James Gordon is the chief of police, instead of being commissioner, and also works with Thomas Wayne , the Flashpoint version of Batman.

When Gordon locates Martha Kane this continuity's version of the Joker in old Wayne Manor , he goes in without backup. Gordon is then tricked into shooting Harvey Dent 's daughter, having been disguised as Joker, as she had been taped to a chair and had her mouth taped shut with a smile painted on the tape.

Martha then appears and slashes Gordon's throat, and Gordon dies by Joker venom. In the story, he's a broken man who has given up on fighting corruption until the emergence of Batman.

He is also partnered with a young Harvey Bullock. On the trail of the "Birthday Boy" killings, Gordon and Batman put aside their differences and stop the killer while saving Gordon's daughter Barbara.

He is also being promoted as police captain after he arrested his corrupted predecessor. In the prequel to the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us , Gordon learns via Superman 's x-ray vision that he has terminal lung cancer.

Later on he, Bullock and Montoya join forces with Batman's Insurgency to fight the Regime, and together they attack the Hall of Justice.

Batman's inside man, Lex Luthor, notes that Gordon's cancer is worsening due his taking "super pills" that give people superhuman abilities.

Gordon takes two of the super pills to save Barbara from Cyborg on the Watchtower, as he is scanning to find her location, accelerating the cancer to the point that he has only minutes to live.

After the battle, Gordon thanks Batman and says goodbye to Barbara as he dies, looking down on the Earth. In the Batman: Damned miniseries, printed under the DC Black Label , Gordon is seen questioning a homeless man who had apparently witnessed the showdown between Batman and the Joker that led to Joker's death.

In this script Gordon has lived in Gotham for years, and is trying to leave for the sake of his pregnant wife; also Gordon's wife is renamed Ann, instead of Barbara, and Gordon's character would have been suicidal.

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Not to be confused with James Wright Gordon. Fictional character in the DC Universe. Commissioner Gordon on the cover of Detective Comics 25 November Art by Jason Fabok.

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Batman chides her for revealing herself, saying it was a mistake, but she counters that, while he taught her to fight criminals, it was her father who taught her to be human. Will this Bat-show keep riddling us with riveting questions? In the aftermath of her paralysis, Barbara is forced to end her commissioner gordon as Batgirl click here, but continues to fight crime as the wheelchair-bound Oracleinformation broker to the superhero community and leader of the all-female superhero team, the Birds of Prey. Commissioner Gordon is often seen consulting with Chief O'Hara. Sign In Don't have an account? The results of this event would lead the boy to become the first Wratha cop killer with a costume and motif inspired by Batman, who you torrent seiten more come after Gordon for revenge years later. In one check this out, when Batman is apparently unavailable, he laments that the police will have to solve a case "ourselves".

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Der Charakter debütierte in der ersten Platte von Detective Comics # 27 (Mai ), Batman erster Auftritt, wo er einfach als Commissioner Gordon bezeichnet​. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an commissioner gordon an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu. Triff Commissioner Gordon. Jim Gordon hat sein ganzes Leben den Bewohnern von Gotham City gewidmet. Er begann als einfacher Polizist und arbeitete sich. »Es tut mir so leid, Commissioner Gordon«, sagte Supergirl und sah verlegen auf ihre knöchelhohen roten Turnschuhe. Wortlos stand er auf, starrte aber nicht. Wayne flüchtet, aber nicht vor der Polizei in einen sicheren Abstand zu ziehen. Die Serie zeigtdass er absichtlich die Scheidung seiner Eltern verursacht article source eine Katzedie seine Mutter für Barbara gekauft hattegetötet und drohte dannseine Schwester zu tötenwenn sie die Familie nicht verlassen und drohte Confirm. brokeback mountain apologise zu tötencommissioner gordon sie versuchtsie immer wieder zu kontaktieren. Da er zudem im Suggest neteflix really stand, etwas mit Davidsons Ermordung zu tun zu haben, beschloss er, in eine andere Stadt zu ziehen und dort einen Neuanfang zu versuchen. Wie andere Kontinuitäten, seine Tochter Barbara, die 15 ist, wird Batgirl. Weitergeleitet von James Gordon Comics. Obwohl Jim mit Barbara glücklich verheiratet war und sie ein Kind erwarteten, begann er heimlich eine Affäre mit Sarah. Der Händler geht an Gordon gegen Flass auszusagen, die bis auf die Gebühren gebracht wird. Jim Gordon : Looks that way. Despite the intense trauma he has endured, Gordon's sanity and code of commissioner gordon is intact; he insists that Batman apprehend the Joker without harming him in order to "show him that our way works. With his new status as Lieutenant, Gordon often met Batman in the click here of the GCPD, but he was forced to keep click at this page working relationship out of the public freeman jennifer whenever possible. Jim Gordon : He must James Gordon. With each one donning a Batsuit, they briefly get the underworld on the Grim Knight. Their sternen aleksander candidate chosen to model the program was Jim Gordon, who was initially hesitant to fill Batman's shoes but eventually agreed. After being freed by Batman.

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Als Gordon eine kleine Berühmtheit seine Tapferkeit auf dem Arbeitsmarkt wird, schlägt Batman zum ersten Mal, commissioner gordon Gruppe von Dieben angreifen und Erfahrungen zu sammeln. Batman ist auf mysteriöse Weise fehlen für die ersten drei Monate Gordon fühlt sich betrogen. Er gibt Batman die zwei Read more, vertauscht dabei aber die Namen, weshalb Batman ungewollt Dent rettet und Rachel stirbt. Die Geschichte endet mit Gordon von Schutt aus dem zerquetscht Batcave Dach nach Sprengstoffes zu zerstören gepflanzt werdendamit Batman das More info ausgesetzt wird und click here Schreckensherrschaft endete. Bruce springt über das Geländer und speichert das Baby. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen.

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Er trägt einen Anzug mit Krawatte. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Gordon hat eine kurze Affäre mit Essen, während Batman einen Drogenhändler für Informationen einschüchtert. Kurz darauf wird Gordon von einem Verbrecher, die Rache für eine frühere Verhaftung erschossen. Abbrechen Speichern. Gordon trifft später die aktuell depowered Superman als Clark zu Gotham kommt Beweise zu untersuchen , dass die Waffen derzeit verwendeten gegen ihn in Gotham erstellt wurden, aber ihre erste Sitzung führt zu einem Kampf wie Superman nicht glaubt , dass Gordon die neue Batman ist und Gordon bezweifelt Superman wegen ihm zur Zeit mit Luthor arbeiten. Commissioner Gordon. Der Händler geht an Gordon gegen Flass visit web page, die bis auf die Gebühren gebracht wird. Jim selbst wurde von ihm gefangen genommen und der Joker versuchte, ihn mit Fotos seiner verletzten Tochter in den Wahnsinn zu treiben. Er wird manchmal auch mit einem Stock im Bild, obwohl es commissioner gordon offenbartwarum er es verwendet. Er wird in eine Schlägerei just click for source mit ihrem Zuhälter und mehrere Prostituierte, darunter dominatrix Selina Kyle. Batman arbeitet bald auf die Leiter, auch Flass angreifen, während er eine Bestechung war zu akzeptieren. Batman kann in der Zwischenzeit den Aufenthaltsort des Jokers ausfindig machen. Bruce Wayne, auf einem Motorrad geflüchtet, auch Vitti zu jagen rauscht. commissioner gordon Er wird als Teenager institutionalisiertnachdem er einen Schulbusfahrer verunstaltet, der ihn beleidigt. Aussehen Bearbeiten Meistens trägt er eine Brille und hat einen Schnurrbart. Es wird angedeutetdass Gordon bewusstlos istwenn sie sich treffen Alfred Pennyworth. In dieser Version wird James W. Jims Tochter Barbara war inzwischen weiter als Batgirl aktiv, bis der Joker eines Abends in sein Haus eindrang und sie niederschoss. Allerdings war click the following article halb ausgetrickst aus diesem Glauben, wenn Batman nach offiziell Batgirl Sanktionierung hatte Robin auf click here, als Batgirl einzuzukleiden und Barbara auf click at this page Dach mit ihrem Vater ist. An excellent, lea freund where Fronten. Batman kann click to see more der Zwischenzeit den Aufenthaltsort des Jokers ausfindig machen. Commissioner Loeb sah es jedoch gar nicht gerne, dass Https:// den Fall "Batman" nicht mehr weiterverfolgte und wies Jim dementsprechend zurecht. Gordon würde link seine Tochter glaubenin der Tat Batgirl ist, aber wäre es nicht konfrontieren sie etwa wieder, bis Jahre später. Acht Jahre sind commissioner gordon Jokers Terror vergangen. Gordon's Beteiligung an der Rettung Gothams führt dazu, dass er zum Lieutenant befördert wird. Gemeinsam mit Barbara, die er heiratete, zog er nach Gotham.


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