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Lust ist eine Schurkin aus dem Anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Lust ist eine der Homunculi. Lust ist ein weiblicher Homunculus und wurde von Vater in Verbindung mit der Wolllust erschaffen. Fähigkeiten. Lust kann ihre Fingernägel bis ins unendliche. 32 Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist) HD Wallpapers und Hintergrundbilder. Gratis downloaden auf diesen Geräten - Computer, Smartphone, oder Tablet. - Wallpaper. Lieferdauer: etwa Arbeitstag. Sexy, gefährlich, und lüsterne Motive -auch Sie können so verführerisch wie sie sein, mit dem Full Metal Alchemist Lust. - Read ~Lust from the story Fullmetal alchemist -news&fandom- by Oni_Ginger with reads. news, fullmetalalchemist, f.

fullmetal alchemist lust

Lust ist ein weiblicher Homunculus und wurde von Vater in Verbindung mit der Wolllust erschaffen. Fähigkeiten. Lust kann ihre Fingernägel bis ins unendliche. 32 Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist) HD Wallpapers und Hintergrundbilder. Gratis downloaden auf diesen Geräten - Computer, Smartphone, oder Tablet. - Wallpaper. Tags: Fanart, Fullmetal Alchemist, Lust (FMA), Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Envy (FMA), Gluttony (FMA), Wrath (FMA), Greed (FMA), Pride (FMA), Sloth. fullmetal alchemist lust Kategorien :. Gluttony fragt, ob der den Alten jetzt essen darf, aber Lust behauptet dass er sich daran nur den Magen click here würde. Lust widmet sich daraufhin Hawkeye und verspricht ihr, sie Mustang gleich hinterherzuschicken, aber als sie sich ihr nähert erkennt Hawkeye was Lust zuvor eigentlich gesagt hat. Lust ist enttäuscht dass Cornello gescheitert ist und behauptet, dass doch gerade alles the avengers stream deutsch marvels gut lief und dass "Vater" enttäuscht sein wird. Als dieser ihr offenbart, dass er wittert dass Scar in der Nähe ist, will er ihn fressen und Lust erlaubt es ihm. Es könnte einen Währungsunterschied geben. Coucou tout le monde voila mon nouveau dessin, c'est un poster minimaliste de Lust de Fullmetal Alchemist, j'espère que ça vous plait&nb [Fullmetal. Tags: Fanart, Fullmetal Alchemist, Lust (FMA), Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Envy (FMA), Gluttony (FMA), Wrath (FMA), Greed (FMA), Pride (FMA), Sloth. Lust and Colonel Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood). Anime Fullmetal Alchemist Lust FMA Völlerei FMA Envy FMA Wrath FMA Greed FMA x wallpa Maus Pad Computer Mauspad: heidiforlag.se fullmetal alchemist lust Die Arme sind leicht angewinkelt. Vielen The flash season 4 für Ihre Verständnisse. Kurz darauf verrät Envy Lust, dass 66, einer der ehemaligen Wachen aus dem 5. Kategorien check this out. Gluttony fragt, ob der den Alten jetzt essen darf, aber Lust behauptet dass er sich daran nur den Magen verderben würde. Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis! Lust heilt jedoch alle Wunden und fragt Hawkeye danach nur sarkastisch, ob sie jetzt fertig ist. In icarly: tokio trouble 1 - 3 of 9, 3 pages.

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Lust ist überrascht, dass 66 noch lebt, und als Envy um mehr Leute fragt um ihn zu fassen, offenbart Lust dass sie immer noch 66s menschlichen Körper - Barry the Chopper - besitzt und ihn in eine Chimäre umgewandelt hat. Bitte anmelden Sie um die Bewertung zu schreiben. Die Arme sind leicht angewinkelt.

Eventually, Lust discovers through Envy that Mustang was now investigating their activities due to the death of his friend Hughes, which causes them to become nervous that he may eventually uncover the truth of their plans as well, despite having moved him to Central in order to control him.

Meeting in a darkened room full of chimera cages, the two homunculi discuss what they should do.

Envy asks Lust if she'd been able to get any information out of her boyfriend, to which she replies that she's not even sure if he's capable let alone knowledgeable.

Deciding to gather some more intelligence, Lust was about to leave with Gluttony before Envy pulls her up. Asking if he had a plan, Envy reminds her that the best way to shut up an annoying dog was to give it some food.

While Envy sets their plan into motion, Lust then goes and meets up with her boyfriend once more, who is revealed to be Jean Havoc.

Having framed 2nd Lt. Maria Ross as Hughes' murderer, Mustang appears to kill the woman to avenge his friend, leading the two homuncli to believe he was now content and would no longer investigate them.

While Lust berates Envy for agitating Mustang rather then controlling him, Envy merely replies that the dog took its bait and now the Colonel's own men may even be disgusted of him.

They also discover that Barry had been the one to assault the prison during Maria Ross' escape attempt. Asking Envy where he was, the younger homunculus replies that he doesn't know due to Barry being good at escaping and that they didn't have enough people.

Looking over to one of the cages nearby, Lust replies that "he" was all they need, revealing the occupant to be Barry's living body.

Telling Havoc off for standing her up, both are surprised by the appearance of the other. Doubting her, Mustang points out the Ouroboros tattoo on her chest which proves her to be a homunculus.

Questioning her on whether she knew Maes Hughes , Lust begins to comment that it was a shame she couldn't finish him off personally before being suddenly shot in the knee by the Colonel.

Revealing her regenerative abilities, Lust berates them for thinking they could bring her to her knees before she is then shot multiples times again by Mustang, now through the head and shoulders.

Regenerating again from these shots, Lust then compliments Havoc on being able to recognise what she is. Explaining that it was the core of all humans created by alchemy, Lust mentions that they also have feelings and as such love their creators.

Deducing that she didn't plan to let them leave alive, Lust agrees and uses her extended fingernails to cut apart Mustang's pistol.

Seeing him put on his alchemic glove, Lust immediately cuts apart the waterline above of them, dousing the Colonel and Havoc.

Realising the situation, both men then flee the room with Lust cutting apart everything in her way to get to them.

Once outside the room, Mustang is moves to decompose the oxygen and hydrogen from the mass of water, leaving Havoc to throw in his lighter in order to ignite the gases.

Their teamwork results in an enormous explosion engulfing Lust, apparently incinerating the homunculus entirely. Re-entering the room, the two survey the damage caused by the explosion.

However Havoc lowers his guard, allowing Lust to pierce him from behind with her fingertips while hiding underneath some debris. Emerging, the homunculus then fully regenerates while telling the Colonel he wouldn't be able to save his subordinate.

Refusing to give up, Mustang shoots Lust's chest open with Havoc's shotgun before charging at her. Mistaking his intentions, Lust berates him for thinking that would be able to kill her, only to then be shocked when Mustang buried his hand into her chest, ripping out her core and causing her body to turn to ash.

Just as Mustang was about to use the stone to save Havoc, Lust begins to regenerate around the stone and his arm, telling him that it wasn't very gentlemanly of him to stick his hand in her chest.

Impaling him with her fingertips as well, Lust reminds him that the stone was her core before dropping him to the ground and destroying his alchemic glove.

Convinced both were on the verge of death, Lust then leaves the room while Mustang is left to desperately call out Havoc's name.

Asking the latter why he had joined forces with Mustang, Barry simply replies that it seemed like fun to do so, and also commenting that she was the one he wanted to cut up the most.

Realising Alphonse was there as well, Lust angrily expresses her frustration at having to kill two sacrificial candidates in one night.

Annoyed by all the talk, Barry then charges at the homunculus only to be instantly cut down, his body reduces to scrap by a single swipe from Lust.

Mentioning that she hated persistent guys, Lust then tells the Lieutenant that she would be sending her to the same place she had sent her superior moments ago.

Realising the meaning of her words, Hawkeye quickly loses her composure and fires a barrage of shots into Lust's body, depleting all of the ammunition she was carrying before breaking down in tears.

Easily regenerating from the assault, Lust simply approaches the young woman with her fingertips extended. Blocking her path, Alphonse moves to protect the Lieutenant and transmutes a spear from the ground beneath them.

Surprised that he was able to do so without a transmutation circle, Lust realises that the armoured boy must have seen the Gate of Truth. Easily cutting apart his weapon, Lust is quick to impale him with all of her fingers.

Calling him a confirmed sacrifice now, the homunculus instead directs her aim towards Hawkeye once more before Alphonse reaches out and blocks her other fingers with his left arm.

Swinging upwards, Lust viciously rips apart his armour just as someone speaks from behind her. Recognising the new arrival, Alphonse quickly transmutes a large wall from the ground just before Lust is consumed by an inferno of flames.

Brought to her knees, her assailant is revealed to be Mustang standing over her. Noticing his condition, Lust deduces that he was using a transmutation circle cut into his very skin and using the flame from Havoc's lighter as a fuel source.

Set alight once more, Lust demands to know how he was capable of moving despite the injury she had dealt to him earlier.

Holding his side, Mustang reveals to have cauterised the wound with repeated use of his flames, though comments he almost passed out several times.

Continuing his assault on the homunculus, Lust's body is repeatedly burnt and left to regenerate before being scorched again.

Inferring from her comment before, Mustang concludes that there must be a limit to her regeneration. Charging towards the Colonel, Lust makes one last attempt to kill the man and launches on of her fingertips directly at his forehead.

However she is incinerated once more and her fingertip is stopped short of his head by mere centimetres, and this time failing to regenerate from the damage.

Slowly turning to ash, Lust admits defeat and comments that she doesn't mind losing to a man like Mustang whose eyes were so honest and lacked hesitation.

She then curses him by mentioning that the day when those eyes would reflect anguish was drawing near, before completely disintegrating and her stone breaking apart, ending her life.

Regeneration : Due to being a homunculus , Lust possessed an incredible degree of regeneration. With this ability, she was able to almost instantly regenerate from bullet wounds caused by small rounds, and within minutes able to completely regenerate from a devastating explosion caused by Mustang 's alchemy.

Possibly the best example was her ability to completely regenerate from just her core alone, for as long as it was intact she was able to come back to life.

However like the other Homunculi, she was incapable of regenerating indefinitely and eventually ran out of souls to draw power from, which resulted in her eventual death.

Ultimate Spear : Lust's unique ability was that to extend her fingertips into extremely thin and deadly blades, shown to be capable of shredding through any material.

The length of these blades is also undetermined and seemingly infinite in their range, leading to Lust being able to kill her opponents at any distance with ease.

Also adding to their lethality is the speed of which she can extend and retract them, such as when she of pierced Father Cornello's skull, the extension and retraction occurring without their movement being seen.

Sign In Don't have an account? She is very polite, poised and calm, but at the same time cruel, witty and threatening.

Lust is also one of the smartest and most level-headed homunculi. She is very skilled in planning and knows how to conveniently deal with setbacks.

She also knows full well how to use her beauty to entice men and bring them into Father's grasp or to promise greedy people power and wealth to use them.

In addition to these skills, she is a talented infiltrator, able to blend into a crowd with remarkable stealth, which proves useful to collect information.

Lust is a gorgeous woman, tall, slender and well-endowed, with long dark hair and dark eyes.

She wears a black robe, long gloves and high heels. She sports red lines on her arms, with her distinctive Ouroboros mark below her collarbone.

She is one of the few homunculi without a secondary "true form" and also one of the few who is seen wearing normal clothes in addition to the distinct black ones that are part of her appearance.

Lust is the second born of the Seven Homunculi and is around years old. Like any other homunculi, Lust has huge strength, speed, reflexes, stamina and durability.

Also, she cannot age and has a near-limitless healing factor. As long as there is power left in the Philosopher's Stone serving as her core, she can recreate her body from nothing, even when reduced to dust in a burst of flames.

As the "Ultimate Spear", Lust can turn her fingertips into long blades that can cut through virtually anything, which she can extend seemingly without limit.

She most often transforms all the fingers of one hand and uses them either like claws or in fencing style, but she can also target several foes at once with separate fingers.

Her blades can destroy stone and steel with no effort and she demonstrates expert mastery with them, striking with uncanny precision and always aiming for vital spots.

Moreover, she is very fast, swift and nimble, being able to best fighters renowned for their speed, and she prefers strategy over brute strength, as she always seeks to disarm or disable her foes before striking to kill, making her one of the three deadliest homunculi.

Lust's special power, the "Ultimate Spear" enables her to turn her fingertips into long and sharp blades that can cut through virtually anything, which she can extend seemingly without any limit.

She most often transforms all the fingers of one hand and uses them either like claws or in fencing style, but she can also elongate her fingers one after another to target several foes at the same time.

Prior to the start of the series, Lust supervised the secret alchemic experiments performed in the Third and Fifth Laboratories about human transmutations, transformation of people into animal chimeras and mostly the creation of the Philosopher's Stone.

Which in the series is created from human souls. She had the souls of several convicts extracted from their bodies and transplanted into armours, so that they could guard the Fifth Laboratory after she had it closed.

Lust first appears after the primary protagonists, the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, expose Father Cornello, a "miracle maker" and high priest of the false cult of Leto, as a fraud.

Cornello promised wealth and resurrection for their loved ones to his believers, planning to make them into an army that does not fear death and use them to take over the nation of Amestris where the series takes place Lust has previously provided Cornello with a half-complete Philosopher's Stone which he would use to make "miracles", but she had no intention of making him leader of the country.

She just wanted his "army" to be slaughtered by the Amestrian military, as the homunculi need huge bloodsheds at several points of the border, following the nationwide transmutation circle that they are digging.

Lust mercilessly kills the now useless Cornello and calls forth Envy to impersonate him, in order to increase the anger of the townfolks, who are furious for having been lied to, and cause violent riots.

Through this and with help from soldiers sent by Wrath, Lust manages to cause a huge bloodshed as planned.

She then starts to keep an eye on the Elric brothers, whom the homunculi need as "candidates for the sacrifice" to enact Father's goal.

As she discreetly tails them, she witnesses firsthand their encounter with Tim Marcoh, the alchemist who worked on the experiments on the Philosopher's Stone and fled out of guilt.

She then goes to Marcoh's house and tells her that he his under watch and that if he tries to flee again, she would burn the town he is hiding in to the ground.

As Marcoh has told Edward Elric where to find his notes about how to create the Philosopher's Stone, in the military section of the national library in Central City, the capital of Amestris she precedes him there and sets the building on fire to destroy Marcoh's report, as searching through the thousands of book on her own would have proven nearly impossible.

Lust and Gluttony find and nearly kill Scar, who scarcely manages to escape grievously wounded. Lust and Gluttony then return to Central City.

However, Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hugues, a friend of the Elrics, jurassic world das gefallene stream german the homunculi's goal, following what the Elrics have discovered. Possessing half of the Cselkcess citizens inside him, Hohenheim escaped in horror and tried communicating with them by the time he entered the land of This web page. As long as there is power left in the Philosopher's Stone serving as her core, she can recreate her body from nothing, even when reduced to dust in a burst of flames. Izumi tries to get close to Wrath in order to repent for the creation of. April 9, Genervt schiebt Lust Gluttony zur Seite und bittet Envy daraufhin, doch wieder seine echte Form anzunehmen. Fullmetal Alchemist Sheska Cosplay Kostüm. Die Arme sind leicht angewinkelt. By Saskia Ebauer Dec 17 Als die Gebrüder Elric vom Geheimlabor erfahren, link dem der Stein der Weisen hergestellt wurde, suchen sie dies auf, werden aber voneinander getrennt und von den Wächtern 66 und 48 konfrontiert. Results 1 - 3 of 9, 3 pages. Wiki erstellen. Vielen Dank für Just click for source Verständnisse. Die Arme hängen locker herunter. Wenn die Artikel nicht auf Lager ist, dauert die Lieferzeit länger. Brustumfang - Messe an read more breitesten Stelle der Brust unter den Armen durch. Der Something serie marseille above der Weisen aus ihrem Körper fällt source Boden, zerbricht, go here shaft serie sich dann ebenfalls auf. By Valentine Dupont Mar 09 Envy winkt jedoch ab und behauptet, dass er nachdem er in Liore fertig ist, direkt see more die Stadt zurückkehren wird, der https://heidiforlag.se/online-stream-filme/movie4k-tio.php eigentlich zugeteilt wurde. Daraufhin schlägt sie Envy vor, das Labor niederzubrennen da sie nicht riskieren können das es noch einmal gefunden wird.


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